The platform is designed with pro traders in mind, offering features you traditionally cannot find in Telegram bots. These include the ability to fill multiple OTC orders at once and the capability to view all market listings to create their listings accordingly. Since Frontrun manages an on-chain orderbook, it allows users to view the entire orderbook in one place, simplifying the process.

Types of Order

The platform features three types of orders, offering a more CEX-like experience for new users:

  1. Limit Order: Users can set their desired price and the amount for the order and choose the collateral for the order. Users also have the option to select a minimum fill amount, providing a range of choice between a single fill or partial fill options. This feature helps save on gas costs by mitigating small fill orders. If a user wants to buy 100k Blast Points at $0.0031 per point, they need to put down ~0.0875 ETH as collateral, making a total value of $310 based on the price of ETH at $3540. 0.0875 ETH will earn blast native yield and Blast points for the time collateral locked

    There is 0 fee on creating and cancelling an order. On Ethereum, users have the option to use sDAI as collateral. Earning 15% APY while assets are locked. On Blast, the native yield generated from assets locked as collateral is fully redistributed back to the users, with 100% of Blast Points being distributed to them. Check distributions here ->

  2. Market Order: Users can batch fill other OTC orders from the orderbook. However, in an OTC market, some orders will require ETH as collateral and some require USDB as collateral, but the matching engine is designed in such a way that it gives you a quote and an option to make batch transactions to fulfill multiple trades at once.

    There is 0 fee on market orders, a fixed of 0.5% will be charged upon settlement only.

  3. Select Order: There might be cases when a user just wants to choose a particular order based on trade preferences. The user can easily select the order from the orderbook and intuitively decide how much to fill.

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