Features and Concept

To date, the OTC market has relied on private channels and the building of P2P trust models. This approach is quite inefficient and often operates in an opaque manner.

Airdrops and points systems are used as mechanisms by protocols/dapps to attract initial activity, communities, and users, as well as to stress test the platform. These airdrops and points do encourage active participation, but the user's incentives remain locked until the tokens are launched. At the time of token launch, there is significant price movement, largely driven by a one-time event, which discourages price discovery in favour of these early users.

Frontrun addresses these issues by providing a smart contract-driven platform for users to trade airdrops, points, and even liquid tokens via OTC. Here are a few features.

  • There is no need for intermediaries to build trust. It's a trust-minimal platform, driven by audited smart contracts. The code is law, and trust is driven by contract.

  • The trading fees for airdrops, points, and liquid tokens is as low as 0.5%, with zero fees on cancellations.

  • It offers one of the best user experiences, with an intuitive user interface and analytical features.

  • Utilises Blast for native yield for ETH and USDB while locked away as collateral. On Ethereum, it leverages sDAI, rsETH, eETH, and Pendle PTs as collateral, enabling users to earn yields and points even when their assets are safely locked.

  • It supports early users by distributing 100% Blast Points and 100% Blast Gold, sharing fee and incentives.

Check out Frontrun.market at https://frontrun.market/.

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