Season 1 Rewards

With the launch, we are kicking off the first Season of RUN points distribution. RUN Points are solely meant to reward early users who contribute to the success of platform and are designed to get materialized into $FR tokens upon TGE (april 2024).

Season 1 has started on March 15, 2024, and will be active until April 7, 2024, lasting 21 days. Daily, in each epoch, 200k RUN Points will be distributed, and participants will be rewarded with 3% of the $FR supply.

There are four ways to accumulate RUN Points in Season 1:

  • Airdrop

  • Market-making

  • Trading

  • Referrals

Users who joined us during the Testnet period and users are eligible for the airdrop.

There will be multiple season of the incentives and different design focusing on aspect of the platform.A total of 50% $FR supply is allocated for user incentives in our tokenomics.

Frontrun mainnet is now live with Season 1 of RUN points distribution.

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