Frequently Asked Questions around Frontrun.market

Are Frontrun smart-contracts Audited?

Yes, Frontrun smart-contracts have been audited by Pashaov Audit group to ensure utmost security and reliability for our users. check the audit report here

Do I immediately receive the tokens if I buy a listed order from any token or points market on Frontrun?

Frontrun is a pre-market trading platform where users can trade upcoming airdrops and points before they become available for regular trading. When you buy on Frontrun, a smart-contract-backed guarantee ensures that the seller will transfer the tokens once they become tradable. This guarantee is secured by collateral provided by the seller to Frontrun.

How does the settlement of orders work? Is it manual or automatic?

After the Token Generation Event (TGE) of the tokens or points you traded on Frontrun, you will need to manually fulfill the orders, either individually or in batches by selecting orders. This process involves transferring the tokens to the buyer if you were the seller.

What happens to the collateral if an Airdrop is delayed for a long time, even though users have traded their allocation?

In such cases, users have the option to cancel their orders on Frontrun and reclaim their collateral. There is no fee for canceling orders.

If the token claim takes more than 24 hours due to restrictions by the Protocol after TGE, will I lose my collateral to the buyer?

No, if there are restrictions that limit the time to claim, Frontrun will adjust the settlement timeline to accommodate these constraints.

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